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Drone photos of Northern California’s Lake Oroville … camping and fishing. "Lake Oroville is a very large reservoir, and even at the lower lake levels, there’s plenty of lake surface for …

Lake Shasta this summer is facing possibly its lowest level in at least 44 years, and that could be bad news for the people who rely on it for drinking and irrigation water, as well as endangered …

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The common complaint we hear is that there’s too much water going out. But actually this year, there’s not enough water coming in.

This week’s Sick and Shut Down List is highlighted by Rodents vs. Roaches battling for turf in restaurants from Miami to Palm Beach County and one place in Broward in between.

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Cockroach Exterminator Somerset Ca Cockroach Control Ryde Ca Hitting a cockroach with a newspaper likely won’t kill it. "Cockroaches are insects with extreme adaptability,"
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On a good day, usually in late winter and early spring, the magnificent waters of Clear Lake seem to live up to their name.